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Singing Telegrams

Send a Unique Greeting in Song to a Special Recipient

The Fundazzlers provides singing telegrams and themed parties for kids and adults. We have costumed characters your kids will love, and we also have musical greetings appropriate for adults. Our event entertainment is perfect for any occasion. We provide puppet shows, magic shows, and party themes with food designs. Please give us 48 hours' notice to arrange a standard singing telegram.

Try One of Our Giggle Grams

Send your sweetie, mother, father, or friend something truly fun and entertaining. A songster delivers our original singing telegrams in a costume that matches your loved one's personality. The costumed character can also be matched to any themed event. Create a memory to be cherished for years to come.

Norton the Nerd

Our Selection of Singing Telegrams

Your special someone will smile and blush when they receive our singing telegram. Our telegrams include a special candy mug or bananas with balloons, a Polaroid photo, a special song, a funny birthday certificate, and a fun time for all. Check out our variety of singing telegrams:

• Over the Hill Lil
• Mommy Dearest
• Huggie the Bear
• Dancing Pink Gorilla
• Big Giant Smiley Face
• The Singing Heart
• Minnie Mouse
• Grim Reaper
• Mourning Myrtle
• Big Bertha
• Clowns
• & More

Custom Costumed Characters

Make your child's birthday a memorable event by inviting a costumed character. Children just love having their favorite character attend their birthday party. We have a wide variety of special characters to choose from. We can even offer customized characters when given enough notice. It usually requires at least two weeks. An additional charge may apply, depending on the date of your event and the amount of notice provided. Whether you're creating a character to deliver a singing telegram or attend a themed party, our customizing options let you match the recipient to perfection. Customized characters are ideal for:

• Art Parties
• Craft Parties
• Acting Parties
• Drama Parties
• Space Parties
• Racing Parties
• Butterfly Parties
• Glamour Parties
• Character Parties
• Superhero Parties